musings from spirit and soul


today it is enough that I value what I have 

and do not mourn what I have not

I am blessed beyond belief

even when I forget to open my mind

and remember that it is so

I wish you well


the fear or the LOVE…your choice

the fear

of everything


our global culture

certain fears are stoked intentionally by those who control the media

to distract you from paying attention

to what they do

which is inconsistent with what they say

fear is a response to real or perceived stressors

and initiates fight, flight or freeze responses

If WE truly want to heal ourselves and the planet

we must change the focus from fear and hatred

to LOVE and cooperation

you get to choose

what will it be?



"They Called Her “The World’s Ugliest Girl” & Her Response is Unbelievably Beautiful."

This is really important. Everyone who gets the chance should watch this… It’s how I sort of feel about myself right now and very moving.

awesome stuff

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Systemic Tsunamis

I am abandoned in

your desperation

lost amidst swirling


I cannot see past

my windows of missed


you are tangled

in my despair

tethered to winds

of darkness

swirling madly

into tornadoes

of lost time

I am adrift in 

oceans of your

apathy, caught

in currents of



into tide-pools

of desolation

you are systemic

tsunamis, sucking

lifeblood from shores

littered with the bones

of capitalism’s worst

excesses, devastation

the legacy of your worship 

of avarice and greed

I am connected to your destruction

healing, as you destroy

loving, where you sow fear

nurturing, as you encourage blight

changing as you remain stuck

in the negative emotional stew

you have brewed for a millennium

by Michael P Dague 

© 2013

Radical acceptance

I breathe in the toxicity of a country gone mad with greed, hatred and apathy. Distracted by everything that moves or glitters. I refuse to give in, to condemn, to rail against the injustice of it all. I try instead to practice radical acceptance. Or showing up and loving life in spite of what life is or isn’t doing to me right now.

You also do not have to participate in the madness. I reject false dichotomies created by the ruling class for the purpose of subjugating the rest of us. I accept that they are as they are and encourage them to change. I validate their efforts at lying, manipulation and corruption (because they do them very well) while pushing for a change in their behaviors. I encourage them to practice lovingkindness and respect for all beings because we are all connected.

Fighting fire with fire burns the bridges we need to re-connect with all beings in a synergistic communion of love.

BE as well as you can be and encourage others to do the same.

I wish you well

With love

there is no mainstream media

there is no mainstream media

glorious dancers

Franklin Park in October

sitting with fear

It is hard… stay in the moment………….to face fears….to not run away….to embrace them as a part of the not fight against the acceptance of reality…to be okay with my imperfections…to embrace the me I am constantly in the process of becoming………to wait patiently and mindfully in this moment…accepting that it is exactly as it should be……..hard it is……….I wish you well…

autumn early